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Aviation Architecture

AMA has been providing designs for the Aviation Industry from 1970 with the introduction of the first B747 widebodied aircraft into the Qantas fleet.

We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of aviation building works from Hangar Complexes to Terminals. All our architects are knowledgeable on all commercial aircraft types (including the B787), Defence aircraft types, aircraft services, hangar complex design processes, workshops, logistics, catering requirements, administration and operation requirements, and user and equipment interfacing.

We are also experienced in dealing with airport authorities and various stakeholders involved with airport works.

AMA has produced many functional design briefs, principals project requirement documents and user requirement briefs for hangar complexes and docking systems for commercial clients and Department of Defence Projects.

AMA design and documented the docking systems for Hangar 96 and Hangar 245 at Sydney Airport and produced functional design briefs for docking design and construct tenders for Hangar 2 Brisbane, Hangar 3 Brisbane and recently for a new Hangar in Los Angeles, USA.

In all the aviation projects with which we have been involved, the delivery of professional services has been successful.

To view our work in this area, please select a project from the list below:

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Qantas Hangar 245 Upgrade

Hangar for Department of Defence

Hangar 96 A380 Aircraft Upgrade

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