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  • Project: High Voltage Laboratory, University of New South Wales
  • Location: School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW Kensington Campus
  • Construction Date: 2013
  • Client: University of New South Wales

High Voltage Laboratory, University of New South Wales

The High Voltage Laboratory at the University of NSW provides a new state-of-the-art facility for teaching and research into high voltage power.

The Laboratory features five bespoke stainless steel mesh-enclosed Faraday cages. These cages permit the safe conducting of experiments and teaching demonstrations with voltages of up to 400,000V.

Transparency and natural light penetration are maximised throughout. A wet laboratory area is separated from the main Laboratory space by frameless extra-clear glazed partitions.

Detailing and finishes are clean, simple and robust. Vibrant accent colours are set against a neutral background of white, charcoal grey and stainless steel.

The project involved careful services coordination by AMA to ensure that the extensive electrical services integrated seamlessly into the overall architectural concept.

AMA was the lead consultant from concept design through to completion.

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